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Videos - In The Tank Podcast (ep194) - 2020 Dem Presidential Candidates, Medicare 4 All, Climate Change

In The Tank Podcast (ep194) - 2020 Dem Presidential Candidates, Medicare 4 All, Climate Change
June 7, 2019
In The Tank live and in color!

July 5, 2019
Live recording of episode 198 of the In The Tank podcast. We cover the "student loan forgiveness" plan spearheaded by Elizabeth Warren, Medicare for All, and the Nike Colin Kaepernick fiasco. Show Notes: FINANCES AND COLLEGE DEBT Heritage Foundation – No, Your Student Loans Should Not Be Forgiven - Heritage Foundation – Why College Costs Are Out of Control - Axios – Debt-ridden Millennials are taking out Loans to Pay for Weddings - HEALTH CARE / M4A Manhattan Institute – When Government Sets Hospital Prices: Maryland’s Experience - Pacific Research Institute – ‘Medicare for All’ Is a Trap for Businesses and Employees - The Sun – War of Wards: NHS beds crisis ‘critical’ as more sick Brits left stranded in hospital corridors last month than at the height of winter - NIKE SHOES Reason – Betsy Ross Is Canceled -
June 27, 2019
The Heartland Institute's Justin Haskins challenged any Democratic presidential candidate to debate the science of climate change at the Heartland Insitute's upcoming 13th International Conference on Climate Change on July 25, 2019 in Washington, DC.
June 21, 2019
In The Tank episode #196. Learn the top 5 facts you should know about climate alarmism. This episode also features a snippet of an interview with Michael Malice, host of "Your Welcome" and author of "The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics."
June 20, 2019
Higher education in America is in crisis. Costs are too high, learning is too little, and the financial payoff to students and taxpayers is often abysmal. In Restoring the Promise: Higher Education in America, Richard Vedder documents how this precarious situation was fostered by the expansion of government involvement in the academy, especially at the federal level. Dr. Vedder vividly examines the nature of and solutions to such issues as tuition and other costs; public funding and governance; curricula; free speech and academic freedom; political correctness; due process; admissions; student loans; and much more. His reform agenda is equally comprehensive as he urges ending discrimination against for-profit schools; ending grade inflation; ending speech codes and other barriers to academic freedom; ending affirmative action and related diversity programs; ending or revising federal student financial aid; instituting three-year degrees and year-round instruction; and providing earnings data on former students for extended periods after graduation.
June 19, 2019
The most-important gathering of scientific opponents of #climate alarmism this year. Our 13th International Conference on Climate Change #ICCC13 in DC on July 25. Get your ticket today.
June 14, 2019
Heartland Editorial Director Justin Haskins reacts to Bernie Sanders' big speech on socialism on Tucker Carlson Tonight on June 13, 2019. Justin explains why Bernie Sanders' ideas don't make any sense. His real goal is to confiscate wealth from producers and give it to people who will vote for him. Says Tucker: "I don't think you'll go broke on that theory."
June 14, 2019
Heartland's Donald Kendal and Justin Haskins are joined by Isaac Orr and Jim Lakely in episode #195 of the In The Tank Podcast. Featured in today's podcast is work from The Heartland Institute, the RAND Corporation, Reason Foundation, and the Brookings Institution.
June 12, 2019
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez wants a $4,500 pay raise from her current $174,000 yearly salary. Justin Haskins joins Tipping Point With Liz Wheeler to explain why Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez campaigns for socialism while enriching herself.
June 12, 2019
The Tradeoff Evaluation Drug Database (TEDD) is a crucial aspect of Free to Choose Medicine that allows patients and doctors to judge if the benefits from a new drug exceeds the benefits from an approved drug and is worth the risk. For this to work, patients and doctors would need relevant, up-to-date information about drugs in the Free to Choose Medicine track. This real-world data would be accessible on the internet through a Tradeoff Evaluation Drug Database, or TEDD. TEDD would store anonymous patient experience in real time and enable that information to be accessible for doctors, patients, and researchers alike. Free To Choose Medicine's TEDD enables patients to achieve life-changing, or even life-saving, treatment results not otherwise available.
June 7, 2019
Jonathon Hoenig, author of A New Textbook of Americanism: The Politics of Ayn Rand, explains what having a right to something means.
May 31, 2019
Heartland's Donald Kendal, Justin Haskins, Jim Lakely, and Ed Hudgins are joined by Isaac Orr in episode #193 of the In The Tank Podcast. Today, they talk about Heartland's upcoming 13th International Conference on Climate Change, Automation and technology, and the concept of postal banking. Before getting to the content, Donald talks about the future portrayed in the blockbuster movie "Ready Player One." In this depiction of the future, trailers are stacked five or six high. It is yet another example of the pessimistic view of the society in the future. The group contrasts this dreary outlook with the reality that prosperity and the quality of life on the planet is getting better. Jim talks about The Heartland Institute's upcoming 13th International Conference on Climate Change. In addition to the information about the conference, the group talks about the arguments they find most compelling in combating the climate alarmist narrative. Donald then welcomes on Ed Hudgins, Research Director at The Heartland Institute to talk about a range of technology topics from Free to Choose Medicine to Automation. Ed explains how this technology has led to a wealth of prosperity. Previous podcast with Ed - In The Tank ep141: In the last segment, Justin talks about a recent article he wrote for Fox News titled "AOC and Bernie Sanders want to turn post offices into banks." Justin explains why this is a proposal and why the proposal is a terrible idea.

Videos for 13 Climate Change Conferences

The Heartland Institute has organized and hosted 13 International Conferences on Climate Change (ICCC) since 2008, the latest in Washington, DC on July 25, 2019.

Videos from all 13 conferences can be viewed here.