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Videos - The Mainstream Media Is Wrong AGAIN on Climate Change

The Mainstream Media Is Wrong AGAIN on Climate Change
August 18, 2021
Want proof you should ignore the mainstream media reports that we're nearing a climate catastrophe? Thanks to our friends at CEI, we've chronicled 50 years of failed reports claiming we're nearing a "crisis."

August 19, 2021
In our seventh in this series previewing The Heartland Institute's 14th International Conference on Climate Change -- Oct. 15-17 in Las Vegas -- join us LIVE on YouTube Thursday, August 19 at 10:30 a.m. ET (9:30 a.m. CT) as Derrick Hollie, president of Reaching America, gives a sneak peek of his presentation. In this preview, Hollie will discuss "How Biden’s Energy Policy Harms the Poor." An overwhelming share of the public (81%) believes that it is critical to maintain U.S. energy independence and not rely on foreign oil. Such an agreement is exceedingly rare in a polarized country. It is heartening to see Americans of all political stripes and ideologies embrace energy independence and reject reliance on foreign countries. Unfortunately, the new Biden administration has taken every step imaginable to reduce America’s hard-fought energy independence – from canceling the Keystone XL pipeline, to banning oil and gas exploration everywhere it can. The result of Biden’s “green” energy agenda will be more California-style blackouts and higher prices to heat and cool your home, fill your gas tank, and purchase anything that needs to be shipped by truck (which is just about everything you buy). Derrick Hollie has testified before Congress several times on the need for policies that counter energy policy, one of the least-talked about economic strains on the poorest Americans. Learn more about the conference (including ticket information) here:
August 18, 2021
Want proof you should ignore the mainstream media reports that we're nearing a climate catastrophe? Thanks to our friends at CEI, we've chronicled 50 years of failed reports claiming we're nearing a "crisis."
August 13, 2021
Eileen Griffin covers the biggest stories this week in the news. Referenced stories: 2 House Conservatives Demand IRS Transparency in ‘Partisan’ Leak of Tax Records 9 Crazy Examples of Waste, Unrelated Pet Projects Snuck into Massive Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill Infrastructure Bill as Political Plunder and Social Engineering Harsanyi: Biden's Unprecedented Attack on the Constitution
August 13, 2021
Christina Herrin is joined by Dr. Tony Dale, founder and chairman of Sedera Health, to discuss his new book "The Cure for Health Care." The discussion focuses on free market solutions to our country’s greatest health care challenges and the need to reform our broken system. Health care should be affordable, accessible, and patient centered. Dr. Dale discusses how this can be achieved with free-market reforms. Purchase "The Cure for Health Care"
August 13, 2021
The United Nations' Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its Sixth Assessment Report (AR6) on climate change earlier this week. The "Summary for Policymakers" section of the report continues to blame humanity for many observed climate trends. Mainstream media sources have jumped on AR6 as reason to blame humanity for climate change. A CBS NEWS headline reads "Island nations react to devastating U.N. climate change report: 'We are on the edge of extinction.'" H. Sterling Burnett is the host of the "Environment & Climate News" podcast for The Heartland Institute. He is also a Heartland senior fellow on environmental policy and the managing editor of Environment & Climate News. Burnett brings on two more experts for the discussion. They are: James Taylor - Taylor is the president of The Heartland Institute. He has presented energy and environment analysis on CNN, CNN Headline News, Fox News Channel, Fox Business Channel, MSNBC, PBS News Hour, PBS Frontline, CBS Evening News, ABC World News, and other TV and radio outlets across the country. He has been published in virtually every major newspaper in the country. Anthony Watts - Watts is a senior fellow for environment and climate at The Heartland Institute. He has been in the weather business both in front of, and behind the camera as an on-air television meteorologist since 1978, and currently does daily radio forecasts. He has created weather graphics presentation systems for television, specialized weather instrumentation, as well as co-authored peer-reviewed papers on climate issues. He operates the most viewed website in the world on climate, the award-winning website His work on climate issues, specifically the problems with temperature measurements via his website, has been cited worldwide in books, studies and government reports. The three experts discuss AR6 live and in video on August 13 at 11:30am CT.
August 12, 2021
The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, Chris Talgo and special guest Steve Milloy of discuss the latest alarmist climate report from the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The so-called "AR6 Report" is getting a ton of attention in the media, and all the coverage is gloom and doom. But is that really the case? What does the report really say, and is there a climate crisis caused by human activity? And, if there is, what can/should we do about it? Alex Epstein Twitter Thread Heartland Institute (press release) – Heartland Institute Reacts to Alarmists UN IPCC Climate Report IS THERE A CRISIS? Newsweek – Yes, the Climate Is Changing. No, It’s Not an Emergency | Opinion CO2 Coalition – Observations Concerning the Newest IPCC Report Climate Depot – Here we go again: New UN ‘IPCC report… Climate At A Glance website Climate Realism website DEMS PLAN IS EXPENSIVE, DISRUPTIVE, AND INEFFECTIVE Heartland Institute – The Green New Deal Means Monumental Disruption Heartland Institute (Policy Brief) – The Green New Deal: A Grave Threat to the Economy, Environment, and Freedom Heartland Institute (Policy Brief) – How the Green New Deal’s Renewable Energy Mining Would Harm Humans and the Environment Heartland Institute (Policy Brief) – Protecting the Environment From the Green New Deal Worldometers - CO2 Emissions by Country In The Tank (ep196) – Top 5: Facts You Should Know About Climate Alarmism Solar and Wind Energy is terrible - Cost compared to reliable energy - - “Days of 10-fold increases to efficiency are over” - - Land area and resource usage are high - - Environmentally toxic – waste material - - Bird killers -, In The Tank Podcast (e240) – Documentary Review: Michael Moore’s Planet of the Humans EVEN MICHAEL MOORE AGREES THAT WIND AND SOLAR ARE TERRIBLE SOLUTIONS TO DEALING WITH GLOBAL WARMING. A REAL PLAN FOR THE “IF” SCENARIO Forbes – The Real Reason They Hate Nuclear Is Because It Means We Don’t Need Renewables Human Events – Why Environmentalists Will Eventually Hate Renewable Energy Forbes – If They Are So Alarmed By Climate Change, Why Are They So Opposed To Solving It? Please subscribe to the Heartland Daily Podcast for free on iTunes at this link
August 11, 2021
Christina Herrin, government relation manager of health policy at the Heartland Institute, interviews Julie Kline, President of the Trinity School of Natural Health. The discussion focuses on patient centered care and what it means to have the freedom to make your own health care decisions. The Trinity School of Health is hosting a Health Freedom Expo this August in Chicago. To learn more visit the link here:
August 6, 2021
Eileen Griffin covers the biggest stories from this week in the news. Referenced stories: Spending, Wage, and Price Hikes Loom As Fed Overheats Economy Inflation Something to Be Concerned About Now Limited Government Can Make a Comeback in Pandemic Era
August 6, 2021
Chuck Schumer must regret his recent words. He said COVID-19 "was horrible" while calling for future action on climate change. These words stand in stark contrast to the words from Joe Biden and other liberal politicians across the country. Chuck Schumer also stated that climate change will be worse than COVID-19 ever was within a few short years. Hundred of thousands died from COVID-19 in the United States. Are we years away from a climate apocalypse? Chuck Schumer definitely wished he could take these words back.
August 5, 2021
Live broadcast of the In The Tank podcast. The Heartland Institute's Donald Kendal, Justin Haskins, Jim Lakely, and Nate Myers present episode 306 of the In the Tank Podcast. The ITT crew starts the podcast off talking about the new controversy NY Gov Andrew Cuomo finds himself in. After that, they debate the constitutionality of the NYC mandated vaccine passports. And lastly, they briefly discuss the so-called “bipartisan” infrastructure bill. Show Notes: Do you think Gov Cuomo is going down? RETURN OF COVID PASSPORTS CNBC – New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio will mandate COVID vaccines for certain indoor activities VOX – New York City issues vaccine mandate for indoor activities, confuses entire country INFRASTRUCTURE BILL NYT – In the Infrastructure Bill, a Recognition: Climate Change Is a Crisis Heartland Daily News – Infrastructure Bill Text Released, May Face Friday Deadline Heartland Daily News – Both ‘Infrastructure’ Bills Are Atrocious. Republicans Voting ‘Yay’ Should Be Embarrassed The Daily Signal – 9 Things to Know About Senate’s $1.1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill
August 4, 2021
As The Heartland Institute is getting ready for our big climate conference in Las Vegas October 15-17 (ICCC-14), we wanted to offer you some sneak previews of what the program will look like. And how better to do that than to invite our speakers to give previews of the presentations they are preparing? In our sixth in this series, join us LIVE on YouTube Wednesday at 2:00 p.m. ET (1:00 p.m. CT) as Dr. Patrick Michaels, Senior Fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute and the CO2 Coalition, gives a sneak peek of his Las Vegas presentation. In this preview, Michaels will discuss "Climate Models vs. Reality." ABOUT PATRICK MICHAELS' PRESENTATION Even the legacy mega journals, such as Nature and, more recently, Science, are now carrying articles documenting that the newest generation of climate models, known as CMIP-6, are generally supplied with the wrong input data, with completely unrealistic future emission levels. As a result, they are predicting far too much warming for recent and future decades. Further, even with better input, the models continue to overpredict warming. The same recent Science article dramatically exaggerated observed temperature changes in the past decade. In reality, we inhabit a modestly warming planet, where the causes are a mix of internal and human-related inputs. But the greening of the earth, which is especially concentrated over the world’s tropical rainforests and high-latitude land areas of the Northern Hemisphere, is almost entirely of human origin. There is also little credible evidence for increasingly violent weather, and much more evidence that increasing weather damages are a result of rising property values and population density, especially in highly desired coastal regions. Learn more about the conference at this link.
August 2, 2021
Joe Biden met with a group of governors to discuss the wildfires running rampant across the Western United States. Many of the liberal governors blamed climate change. This is incorrect. H. Sterling Burnett, senior fellow on environmental policy for The Heartland Institute, joins NTD News to reveals the real reason we're seeing all the wildfires.

Videos for 13 Climate Change Conferences

The Heartland Institute has organized and hosted 13 International Conferences on Climate Change (ICCC) since 2008, the latest in Washington, DC on July 25, 2019.

Videos from all 13 conferences can be viewed here.