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Health Care
November 20, 2020
By Jane M. Orient, M.D.
Now that we have a randomized controlled trial (RCT) about masks, will it change what you do?
November 18, 2020
By Christina Herrin
Imagine a world where your local membership shopping club or health/fitness club could sell health insurance to members
November 9, 2020
By AnneMarie Schieber
Two physicians who are leading the charge on early at-home COVID-19 treatment to reduce hospitalization and death, have themselves become infected with the virus and following the regiment they, themselves preach
November 6, 2020
By Christina Herrin
If government can’t accomplish the task of properly counting ballots in a timely manner, it is not capable of managing our health care system
October 26, 2020
By Christina Herrin
Keeping communities locked down has resulted in several unintended consequences
October 12, 2020
By Christina Herrin
CON laws adversely affect health care costs
October 7, 2020
By Christina Herrin
Currently, 35 states are bound by certificate of need (CON) laws
October 2, 2020
By Christina Herrin
The “Healthy Checkout Ordinance,” which passed unanimously, is yet just another example of Berkeley’s City Council projecting their will upon the public
September 17, 2020
By Christina Herrin
Since the coronavirus pandemic, several governors have exerted unprecedented powers under the guise of taming the outbreak
September 9, 2020
By Christina Herrin
Businesses have been shut down for months. Millions have become unemployed. Schools remain closed.