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PRESS RELEASE: Heartland Institute Statement on Reorganization

March 8, 2020
By Jim Lakely

The following is a statement on the reorganization of The Heartland Institute, which began on Friday, March 6, 2020

The Heartland Institute conducted layoffs of some full- and part-time staff on Friday, March 6, and we have reorganized the leadership of the organization. This reduction in personnel and reorganization will make Heartland more efficient and focused. It will put us in a stronger financial position to continue advocating for personal freedom, as well as to continue our important role in educating the public and public officials about climate alarmism, and focus on the science and the significant threat alarmism poses to our economy. Working with supporters and contributors, we are confident Heartland's mission-oriented work will continue, uninterrupted, for many years to come.

This month, Heartland will be announcing the launch of two important new initiatives to arm policymakers and the public with vital information to counter the global alarmist Climate Delusion. Heartland will also be hosting its 14thInternational Conference on Climate Change in Las Vegas in May. The Heartland Institute’s new personnel structure will allow us to more effectively promote these important truths and programs.

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