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The Real Solution to Illinois’ Telecom Woes

Lynne Kiesling
January 1, 2004

GAO Cable Report Smacks Down a la Carte Regulation

Adam D. Thierer
December 1, 2003

Fixing the Do Not Call List--Do Not Exempt

James Gattuso
December 1, 2003

Finding the Way Out of the Telecom Mess

Diane Katz
December 1, 2003

IT in the News

compiled by IT Update staff
December 1, 2003

Google as a Public Utility? No Results in This Search for Monopoly

Adam Thierer and Clyde Wayne Crews Jr.
December 1, 2003

Universal Service: Time for Reform

David Fish
December 1, 2003

Bad Law, Bad Policy, and Bad for Consumers

Michael K. Powell
November 1, 2003
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