2009 February School Reform News: Florida Celebrates Its Scholarship Program

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February, 2009
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The February 2009 issue of School Reform News reports on a Florida rally that attracted Gov. Charlie Crist and more than 600 local dignitaries, corporate donors, and parental choice supporters celebrating the continued success of the state’s Step Up For Students scholarship program.

Other key stories in this issue include:

* More than 200 parents and their special-needs children showed up outside the Arizona Supreme Court in December as justices heard arguments as to the constitutionality of the Arizona Scholarships Program.

* Democratic Party groups supporting school choice are pressing President-elect Barack Obama for options such as charters and merit pay.

* An organization promoting education equality is organizing its second annual gathering in Harlem to rally families and politicians in support of charters and school choice.

* Public school figures in Massachusetts want to change the state’s funding mechanism so regular public schools can keep more money when students leave for charters.

* A new Web site in Utah provides families with videos, news updates, school performance information, and suggestions on how parents can get involved in the education system.

* Reactions to President-elect Barack Obama’s appointment of former Chicago Public Schools CEO Arne Duncan for U.S. Secretary of Education have been largely positive.

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