2009 January Environment & Climate News: October Not So Warm After All!

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January, 2009
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The January 2009 issue of Environment & Climate News reports that NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies was forced by global warming skeptics to admit it had made a substantial error in reporting October 2008 temperatures. Turns out the month was nowhere near the warmest October in history, as GISS had first reported.

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* Environmental activists are suing EPA over ocean acidification they say is caused by elevated levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide. But science shows marine ecosystems thrive in higher CO2 environments.

* Scientists have shown they can genetically modify grapes to make them resistant to popular herbicides, offering hope for a struggling grape and wine industry in America’s heartland.

* More than six decades of conservation efforts have brought the iconic, majestic whooping crane back from the brink of extinction ... but that success may be coming undone because of the proliferation wind farms in migratory routes.

* The objectivity of an upcoming United Nations’ climate change conference is being cast into doubt by donations and “star sponsorships” by the renewable power and carbon mitigation industries.

* Sherwin-Williams attorney Charles Moellenberg discusses lead paint lawsuits and whether it’s right to make paint manufacturers liable for property owners’ failure to maintain their property.

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