2009 June Health Care News: Utah Overhauls Health Care

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June, 2009
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The June 2009 issue of Health Care News reports on Gov. Jon Huntsman’s signing of several measures aimed at overhauling Utah’s health care system ... and not necessarily in a good way.

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* An Oregon health services agency has drawn up a formal procedure for rationing health care services—the first state in the country to formally and officially ration care.

* Three Harvard Medical School professors say Massachusetts’s 2006 government mandate requiring individuals to purchase insurance is an object lesson in what not to do in reforming health care.

* President Barack Obama, who made big progress in last year’s campaign by opposing any tax on employer-provided health care benefits, has announced he’s now considering just such a tax.

* Signed by the president as part of the stimulus bill, the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act makes it easier to obtain people’s personal health records without their permission.

* A new study reports fewer than one-fifth of Anchorage, Alaska physicians are accepting new patients covered by Medicare, representative of a growing national problem with government-run health care programs.

* Minnesota legislators have announced several health care reform proposals heavy on government mandates.

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