2009 March Environment & Climate News: John Holdren as Obama Science Advisor?!

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March, 2009
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The March 2009 issue of Environment & Climate News opens with news that President Barack Obama has selected known environmental alarmist John Holdren to direct the Office of Science and Technology Policy. Policy analysts say Holdren “represents the worst of what passes for science today.”

Also in this issue:

* A South Florida government agency has approved a controversial $1.34 billion buyout of privately owned lands in the Everglades.

* Continuing a decade-long trend of declining global temperatures, the year 2008 measured significantly colder than 2007.

* Oregon’s timber industry is being defended by environmental activists.

* The beleaguered ethanol industry is seeking federal bailout funds from the Obama administration.

* An electric barrier designed to keep invasive Asian carp out of the Great Lakes will be turned on at partial strength this summer.

* Over the past 40 years nuclear power has amassed a safety record unsurpassed by any other industrial activity.

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