2009 March School Reform News: Milwaukee Voucher Program Under Fire

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March, 2009
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The March 2009 issue of School Reform News opens with a report on California’s continuing budget crisis, which has some observers fearing multibillion-dollar education budget cuts. Also in this issue:

  • A Florida court has ruled charter schools in the state can be authorized only by local school districts, whose administrators often view them as threats.
  • Public school spending has soared in the past two decades, but student achievement has remained stagnant.
  • A study by the state of Florida concluded the state voucher program for low-income students saved taxpayers $38.9 million in 2007-08.
  • With 21,000 students on waiting lists to get into Massachusetts charter schools, reform proponents and the Boston Globe are calling for the statewide cap of 120 charter schools to be lifted.
  • A statewide poll in Oregon shows support for school choice is strong: 87 percent of parents would choose something other than public schools for their children if they could.
  • Having uncovered a local union leader’s use of public emails to organize an illegal walkout, a Michigan taxpayer activist group says the record exposes a campaign of deception.

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