2009 May InfoTech & Telecom News: California Lawmaker Wants ‘Net Photos Blurred

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May, 2009
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The May 2009 issue of InfoTech & Telecom News leads with coverage of a California lawmakers’ proposal to require Web sites such as Google Maps to blur photos of schools, churches, government buildings, and hospitals. Newspapers, magazines, and books that routinely publish photos of public and private buildings would be exempt from the law.

Also in this issue:

* A measure introduced in Congress could make anyone who operates a wi-fi network responsible for keeping records of everyone who uses it for two years.

* In a case hailed as a victory for First Amendment rights, Maryland’s highest court ruled Internet users have the right to keep their anonymous postings nameless.

* A Virginia congressman is calling for the federal government to restrict the ability of Internet companies to target Web ads based on the sites users like to visit.

* State legislators in Hawaii have introduced bills to create the state equivalent of the Federal Communications Commission.

* A U.N. report on the state of telephone and Internet technology gives the United States poor marks, but experts say the comparisons are fatally flawed.

* With Congress looking for ways to collect new tax revenue during the recession, there’s a good chance Congress will repeal a law that effectively bans Internet gambling.

* Cox Communications’ plan for managing traffic spikes on its network has attracted the ire of firms that use peer-to-peer technology but support from industry analysts who say companies must be allowed to manage their networks.

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