2009 May School Reform News: Tough Road for DC Vouchers

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May, 2009
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The May 2009 issue of School Reform News reports the DC Opportunity Scholarship Program faces a tough reauthorization battle, forced because President Barack Obama’s Omnibus Appropriations Act of 2009 will cancel the program unless it’s approved by Congress and the District of Columbia City Council.

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*The Arizona Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of the state’s corporation tuition tax credit program, while the state supreme court struck down its two voucher programs.

* A Utah bill banning the practice of school districts paying union leaders’ salaries was scuttled by the legislature. The measure would have required union officials to be paid from union dues rather than taxpayers’ money.

* Though most Vermont parents consider their public schools to be pretty good, a new survey shows they’d jump at the chance to send their children to private, virtual, or charter schools.

* Reform advocates in New Mexico will have to try again next year to create a tax credit scholarship program.

* Though two bills to aid charter schools are pending in the New Hampshire legislature, an 11th-hour amendment may stymie the plans.

* A study released by the University of Kentucky shows the state has much to gain by increasing competition.

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