2009 October Environment & Climate News: Dredging Up PCB Issues in the Hudson

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October, 2009
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The October 2009 issue of Environment & Climate News reports that dredging of the Hudson River—a project five years behind schedule and $320 million over budget—has caused a dramatic increase in PCB levels in the river.

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* Invasive milfoil weeds are choking lakes and ponds across the country, but local communities are striking back with targeted aquatic herbicide treatments. The herbicides quickly and economically eradicate milfoil while leaving native plant and animal species unaffected.

* Austin Energy has found itself stuck with surplus renewable power because the Texas city’s residents have declined to sign up for the GreenChoice program—with rates up to three times the cost of conventional power.

* The federal government has halted a geothermal power project in California over concerns it is causing an increase in earthquake activity in the region. The federal government invested more than $6 million in the project last fall.

* North Africa’s Sahara Desert appears to be shrinking, with grasses, shrubs, and even trees growing and animals thriving on land that was nothing but sand.

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