2009 September Health Care News: Obama Disputes Health Care Bill’s Price Tag

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August, 2009
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The September 2009 issue of Health Care News reports that President Barack Obama and other health care overhaul proponents are criticizing the Congressional Budget Office’s estimate the measure will cost $1.6 trillion.

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* Senators on a key committee responded to a Congressional Budget Office estimate that their health care bill would cost $1.6 trillion by adding new taxes and specifying employer fines.

* The Service Employees International Union, California’s largest union, is running television ads urging Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger to raise taxes to avoid modest cuts in the state’s home-health program.

* The state health care program touted by federal lawmakers as an example for reform is cutting benefits and rationing care to make budgetary ends meet.

* Maine’s Dirigo Care experiment has cost taxpayers millions of dollars yet covers only 3 percent of the state’s uninsured.

* While preventive health care may be a good thing for individuals to undertake, it will not lower the costs of a government-centric health care overhaul.

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