2010 April Budget & Tax News

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April, 2010
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The April 2010 issue of Budget & Tax News leads with a report on New York Gov. David Paterson’s new budget. With the state facing a budgetary disaster, Paterson has proposed raising more than $1 billion in new taxes and fees coupled with small spending cuts.

Also in this issue:

  •  A proposal from an Illinois think tank to fund the state’s public employee pensions while limiting the future growth of government spending has caught the attention of Prairie State legislators.
  •  As states and local governments struggle to close gaping budget holes, large savings could be found in the generous compensation packages of the nation’s 20 million state and local workers.
  •  Scrambling for more new revenue, North Carolina is considering taxing services by online travel agencies such as Expedia, Travelocity, and Priceline.
  •  The feds have been infusing their data with optimistic biases. Economist John Williams reruns the numbers using the original methodology. What he finds is not good.
  •  Taxpayers paid a heavy price for the failed climate change talks in Denmark; newly released reports detail more than $500,000 in travel expenses for lawmakers, their staff, and experts.

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