2010 April Health Care News

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April, 2010
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The April issue of Health Care News leads with a report on the “bipartisan” health care summit at Blair House and Democrats’ plans to press ahead with the controversial reconciliation method of passing the president’s health care reform package.

Also in this issue:

  • A recent OECD report shows the United States spends more on heath care than any other country, but experts say there’s more to those numbers than meets the eye.
  • Once again, Illinois’ highest court has ruled against medical malpractice reform.
  • Expecting individual mandates from Washington, states are acting to defend their citizens’ rights.
  • Not content to wait for government-run reform from the feds, some state legislators are pushing for state-level single-payer health care.
  • Upsetting the folks up north, a Canadian political leader comes south for surgery.
  • Doctors may soon have to agree to take on patients with lower payment rates--or they won’t be able to practice in the Bay State.
  • Projected entitlement funding increases will create even greater federal budget problems, making efforts to pass a sweeping, expensive health care reform plan that much more difficult.

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