2010 December InfoTech & Telecom News

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November, 2010
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The December issue of InfoTech & Telecom News reports on the ongoing battle over broadcast retransmission fee negotiations.

Also in this issue:

  • Some Texas schools are employing student ID badges equipped with radio frequency identification (RFID) chips.
  • The U.S. Congress may grant blacklist authority to the Attorney General for Internet domains whose "central" purpose is identified as infringing copyrights.
  • Municipalities are hoping to recover occupancy taxes for the difference between what consumers pay online booking companies and the amount the companies pay the hotel.
  • A Pennsylvania school has settled a privacy case against a student subjected to Webcam spying from a school laptop in his home.
  • Schools and libraries receiving discounts through the FCC E-Rate program will now have to provide education programs on proper online etiquette and behavior.

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