2010 March Budget & Tax News

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March, 2010
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The March issue of Budget & Tax News describes the dire budget crunch facing the city of San Francisco, grappling with a $522 million budget deficit. The city spends more than the entire Idaho state government.

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  •  Florida lawmakers have approved what’s believed to be the nation’s priciest rail deal. The plan would link several central Florida communities and clear the way for new commuter and high-speed rail systems in the state.
  •  The House Financial Services Committee is considering bills that would pave the way for legalized online gambling in the United States.
  •  “Smart growth” planning and shifting more automobile travel to public transportation have been longstanding goals of progressive planners and assorted anti-sprawl activists. Those goals may become federal policy under President Barack Obama’s “livability” initiative.
  •  “[America] is going to default on its debt,” says renowned economist David Henderson, editor of The Concise Encyclopedia of Economics.
  •  Washington State officials are ignoring a chance to improve service delivery while cutting the state’s budget deficit: the state’s competitive contracting law. State managers rarely exercise their statutory authority to contract out.


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