2010 October Environment & Climate News

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October, 2010
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The October issue of Environment & Climate News reports on a case of ugly environmental extremism: On September 1, activist James Lee, armed with two guns and several bombs, stormed Discovery Channel headquarters, took employees hostage, and attempted to force the channel to air propaganda on global warming and other issues. The assault ended in the late afternoon when police shot and killed Lee.

Also in this issue:

  • The InterAcademy Council, a scientific body asked to audit U.N. Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change procedures, issued a scathing report and recommended structural reforms to address deep flaws.
  • Residents of Idaho’s picturesque Silver Valley are up in arms over a plan by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to prolong the cleanup of mining waste in the area for another 50 to 100 years and possibly longer.
  • The federal government is eliminating open competition for certain species of West Coast fish and will instead allocate shares individually to fish harvesters.
  • The state of Florida’s plan to buy property from U.S. Sugar Corporation and use it to restore the Everglades is being scaled back due to the state’s growing budget woes.
  • A scheme to mandate a reduction of New Mexico’s greenhouse gas emissions is being debated in a Santa Fe hearing room, with the state’s economic future at stake.
  • In what is being hailed as an intensive study with national ramifications, Fort Worth, Texas has begun air and source pollution tests on hundreds of natural gas drilling sites. The tests are aimed at ensuring drilling can be done without exposing residents to hazardous pollution.

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