2010 September Budget & Tax News

Issue Date: 
August, 2010

The September issue of Budget & Tax News describes a growing controversy in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where the teachers union refuses to negotiate its health insurance plan – a move some say would could save $47 million a year.

Also in this issue:

  • The expiration of the Bush tax cuts and new Medicare taxes on investment income that were part of this year’s federal health care overhaul will push the top effective tax rate on dividends to 68 percent in 2011--highest among all industrialized nations, according to a new Tax Foundation report.
  • A recent study by three Harvard University researchers concludes government pork spending by powerful Members of Congress results in corporate cutbacks and job losses.
  • Following 10 principles can attract businesses and jobs to a state or locality.
  • The U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling to sharply curtail prosecutors from charging businesspeople and politicians with theft of honest services should reduce the number of politically motivated prosecutions--and help advance economic progress.
  • Some states are many months behind paying various contractors, driving some out of business and putting others on the brink. A Georgia businessman is putting cash-strapped contractors in touch with debt buyers who promise money up front.
  • Maryland taxpayers are losing millions of dollars on sports stadium financing deals that were supposed to save them money.

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