2011 April InfoTech & Telecom News

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April, 2011
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The April issue of InfoTech & Telecom News leads with an update on blogger Shellee Hale’s legal efforts seeking protection under New Jersey’s journalism shield law. The case is pending before the state supreme court.

Also in this issue:

  • An early February federal government crackdown seized 82 domain names of Web sites accused of copyright violations.
  • A new study from Michigan shows significant learning and economic advantages for online schools.
  • An international study concludes broadband providers should be allowed to self-regulate the industry and manage their own networks.
  • Theories expressed by technology law professors such as Harvard’s Lawrence Lessig and Jonathan Zittrain and Columbia’s Tim Wu pose serious threats to the Internet’s future.
  • A $9.2 million fund collected to help low-income New Jersey households pay for cable television was never disbursed; instead it has been applied to the state’s deficit.

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