2011 August Health Care News

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August, 2011
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The August issue of Health Care News reports Vermont has become the first state to have a government-run health care monopoly, the result of a bill signed by Gov. Peter Shumlin in May. Detractors like Darcie Johnston of Vermonters for Health Care Freedom say the legislation “is very generic, without a lot of meat on it.”

Also in this issue:

  • Relationships between doctors and pharmaceutical companies and medical device manufacturers will soon be under a microscope because of legislation forcing transparency about such relationships.
  • The Utah state legislature voted unanimously for shifting Medicaid to managed care, as did California. The trend is taking hold as states attempt to slow down the rise of Medicaid costs.
  • Are faith-based health care cost-sharing plans insurance, philanthropy, or something else?
  • Nursing homes are among many lower-wage employers that can’t survive without waivers from Obamacare mandate.
  • A new book warns there soon won’t be enough experienced surgeons to go around.
  • Value-based purchasing for Medicare means bureaucrats, not the choices of the customers, set the prices. Both patients and providers will suffer.

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