2011 January Budget & Tax News

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December, 2010
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The January 2011 issue of Budget & Tax News reports that cash from the federal government is now the largest revenue source for state and local governments, surpassing sales and property taxes. Fed monies include funding for education, housing, Medicaid, and other state programs.

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  • Debate continues in Maryland over a proposed new metro transit line, a conflict that spilled over into the recent campaign between candidates in the state’s gubernatorial race.
  • One advantage of shopping online is that purchasers often don’t have to pay sales taxes. That could change if two Indiana legislators get their way. They are urging passage of a federal bill to give states the power to tax Internet purchases.
  • Municipalities seeking to boost revenues to cover budget shortfalls caused by overspending are setting their sights on online booking companies such as Orbitz and Expedia.
  • Washington State voters overwhelmingly rejected a measure that would have imposed the state’s first income tax, one limited to wealthy residents.
  • Higher government spending on dependence-creating programs, and an ever-shrinking number of taxpayers, are imperiling the nation’s fiscal position, researchers say.
  • Proponents of subsidized commuter rail are trying to extend a little-used line in Minnesota despite budget difficulties in the cities and towns whose taxes help support it. Ridership is 20 percent below projections.

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