2011 January Environment & Climate News

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January, 2011
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The January issue of Environment & Climate News leads with a report on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s new guidance requiring power plants, refineries, large industrial operations, and other large, stationary sources of greenhouse gases to pay for the “best available” technology to control greenhouse gas emissions. Environmental policy experts contact by The Heartland Institute warn the guidance will be costly but produce few environmental benefits.

Also in this issue:

  • The Obama administration edited critical parts of a drilling safety report to falsely suggest outside scientists and engineers support the administration’s six-month ban on new deepwater drilling.
  • Across the nation, voters in November’s midterm election rewarded candidates who disavowed environmental extremism, and they gave particularly strong support to those opposing global warming restrictions.
  • The American chestnut tree, which once numbered 4 billion but almost went extinct in the 1950s because of an invasion of Asian fungus, may be on its way to recovery through scientific advances and new breeding techniques.
  • High-speed rail, one of the centerpieces of the Obama administration’s “green stimulus” effort, is being targeted by a growing number of state officials who say it makes little economic or environmental sense, even with federal subsidies.
  • A New Mexico environmental board whose members were personally selected by outgoing Gov. Bill Richardson voted to implement a cap-and-trade scheme to restrict greenhouse gas emissions in the state--but governor-elect Susanna Martinez is expected to scuttle the plan.
  • Lame duck Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell placed a moratorium on new natural gas leases on state forests lands. Governor-elect Tom Corbett, however, strongly supports natural gas production and is likely to remove the moratorium upon taking office.

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