2011 March School Reform News

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March, 2011
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The March issue of School Reform News reports on efforts underway to “clean up” – reformers fear that means “repeal” – California’s landmark Parent Trigger law.

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  • President Barack Obama and U.S. Education Secretary Arne Duncan have renewed their call for reauthorizing the No Child Left Behind Act ... without its school choice and tutoring provisions.
  • A pilot voucher program to serve up to 40,000 students in 13 of New Jersey’s worst-performing school districts has cleared two key committees in the state Assembly and Senate.
  • Establishing education savings accounts could make school choice a viable option for more families, a new report by the Goldwater Institute concludes. The report comes as legislators in Arizona, Florida, Montana, and Ohio consider bills to establish the tax-subsidized accounts.
  • California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) is asking voters to extend a sales- and income-tax increase for five years to help close a $25 billion state budget deficit this year. Policy analysts dispute claims that K-12 education funding has been singled out for cuts in recent years.
  • The Kentucky state Senate has passed a bill opening the state to charter schools, overcoming opposition from the state’s teachers union and culminating nearly a decade of work by school reformers. The bill awaits a vote in the state House of Representatives.
  • The first annual National School Choice Week in late January was a fitting recognition that the issue has successfully entered the zeitgeist, writes columnist Dan Proft, even as education remains mainly a state and local issue.

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