2011 November InfoTech & Telecom News

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November, 2011
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The November issue of InfoTech & Telecom News reports that Amazon.com has given up its battle against a California sales tax proposal in return for a one-year window that grants Internet retailers a reprieve from collecting the taxes until September 2012.

Also in this issue:

  • AT&T’s proposed $30 billion acquisition of T-Mobile hit a major roadblock in late August when the U.S. Department of Justice filed suit in federal court to block the deal.
  • Recommendations in a proposal from the U.S. Copyright Office would require cable operators to negotiate their own copyright fees from sports leagues and movie studios--likely raising costs for most consumers.
  • Because the public already approves of Internet service providers blocking content such as malware and child pornography, the arguments for net neutrality carry no weight.
  • The National Labor Relations Board has issued its first report on disputes over employees fired for postings on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Proponents of smart meter technology question government mandates ordering the meters’ installation before electric companies can implement necessary precautions against power surges.

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