2011 October Budget & Tax News

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October, 2011
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The October issue of Budget & Tax News reports government workers in Wisconsin may be wondering whether their effort to recall six state senators from office was worth the price. The government unions directly spent more than $15 million in trying to recall six Republican senators as payback for their role in reducing collective bargaining powers and the ability of unions to forcibly collect dues. Democrats one only two of the six elections.

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  • A federal judge has overturned on a technicality the results of a ballot measure held last November that would have banned the City of Houston’s use of red-light traffic enforcement cameras.
  • The U.S. Postal Service says it may have to lay off 120,000 workers, remove collective bargaining restrictions, and rework employees’ health insurance and pension programs.
  • Voters in Long Island, New York and surrounding Nassau County rejected a proposal to borrow $400 million for the New York Islanders professional hockey team and its billionaire owner, Charles Wang.
  • Kansas Budget Director Steve Anderson and Gov. Sam Brownback are working with lawmakers to pass legislation to eliminate the state’s personal income tax over time. In an exclusive interview, Anderson tells us the reasons for the proposal.
  • North Carolina lawmakers have formed a committee to examine surplus state property, including unwanted land, vehicles, and buildings, with the idea of turning unused or underused assets into revenue for the state.
  • Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has committed to closing a budget deficit of more than $600 million without tax increases--and he has announced plans to allow private businesses to compete against city workers to provide some city services.

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