2012 April School Reform News

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April, 2012
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The April issue of School Reform News reports that enrollment in the Milwaukee Parental Choice program – still the largest voucher program in the nation – grew 12 percent in 2011 after Gov. Scott Walker signed legislation to expand education options for Wisconsin families.

Also in this issue:

  • The Virginia state Senate voted to postpone until next year a bill to replace unlimited public school teacher tenure with three-year contracts.
  • A California school district discounted nearly 100 signatures from a Parent Trigger petition after union representatives showed up.
  • Utah offers open-source, digital core curriculum free to districts after the initial investment, and expects to save big.
  • Lawmakers in several states are considering requiring kids to repeat third grade if they can’t read.
  • A report finds Connecticut early childhood programs are disorganized and wasteful, and analysts say such programs displace parenting.
  • A new, high-quality study reveals students in school choice programs are less likely to commit crimes.
  • When teachers compete in Finland, it’s the students who win, notes Sandra Stotsky.

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