2012 December School Reform News

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December, 2012
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President Barack Obama’s re-election with no change of leadership in the House and Senate means he and Education Secretary Arne Duncan are likely to maintain current policies: multiple federal grants for favored initiatives and increased federal control over state and local education.

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  • Common Core language arts standards reduce the amount of classic literature students in 46 states will read for school, with potentially destructive consequences for students’ future college study and careers.
  • Michigan lawmakers consider a weak version of the Parent Trigger school reform.
  • Federal school lunch intervention has school kids launching hunger protests.
  • In the latest year of data, states spent an extra $15 billion on salary hikes that don’t benefit students.
  • The optimal education system would deposit K-12 spending in education savings accounts that parents control, says a new report.
  • More special-education spending doesn’t equal a better education for disabled children, concludes a new study.
  • Arizona’s two-year-old education savings accounts program shows good collecting and processing of data can prevent fraud and inspire further innovation while giving students the best education available.

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