2012 January School Reform News

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January, 2012
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The January 2012 issue of School Reform News reports on the defeat of proposed education tax hikes across the country, including a 64–36 “drubbing” in Colorado. That state’s voters simply didn’t believe a tax hike was necessary or that any funds raised would be effectively “earmarked” for schools.

Also in this issue:

  • Public school teachers make one-and-a-half times the salary and benefits of comparable professionals, according to a new study.
  • Public school teachers in half of Illinois districts contribute nothing to their pensions.
  • Ohio voters rejected union curbs and tax increases as school districts face shortfalls of $7.6 billion.
  • Louisiana, a Race to the Top frontrunner, has declined to reapply for a grant, citing “federal red tape.”
  • Three Wisconsin school districts are working together to cut costs while increasing student achievement.
  • Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon proposes performance-based higher education funding to boost graduation rates and accountability.
  • Current pension structures rely on coercion instead of passion and excellence to attract and retain teachers, writes Bill Tucker.

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