2012 June InfoTech & Telecom News

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June, 2012
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A controversial Arizona bill intended to suppress online and electronic stalking, harassment, and cyberbullying was pulled by one of its sponsors in response to nationwide concerns over its effect on First Amendment speech protections.

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  • Good Jobs First has called on officials in Kansas, Oregon, and Texas to explore all possibilities for recapturing taxpayer subsidies awarded to T-Mobile call centers the company has announced will be shut down in those states.
  • Two Michigan congressmen are prominent on opposite sides of the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, a cybersecurity bill passed by Congress in April.
  • A bill that would raise the cap on the number of cyberschools allowed in Michigan and increase the number of students allowed to enroll is poised for the governor’s signature.
  • The combined tax burden on cell phones due to fees imposed by federal, state, and local governments is double the amount of the average retail sales tax taxation.
  • Since 1982, 259 local governments that have implemented muni wi-fi have declared bankruptcy; the vast majority were cities or municipal utilities.

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