2012 March School Reform News

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March, 2012
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The March issue of School Reform News reports Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal has outlined long-promised education reform proposals, including the largest voucher program in the nation, altering teacher tenure and pay, a Parent Trigger, and giving principals authority to hire, evaluate, and fire.

Also in this issue:

  • Parents of students at a failing elementary school in the Southern California desert city of Adelanto are the second group to exercise their rights under the state’s Parent Trigger law.
  • Some states have decided to reject No Child Left Behind waivers or delay their applications, citing the expense.
  • Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell’s education reform proposals include tax credit scholarships, ending teacher tenure, and expanding charter schools.
  • A West Virginia schools audit reveals an expensive bureaucracy, need to fix tenure, and potential savings from online education.
  • U.S. House Republicans have released their final No Child Left Behind bills, which eliminate stifling requirements.
  • Reduced regulations help the children of soldiers excel in Department of Defense schools.
  • Children and the economy thrive when legislators encourage strong marriages, explain David Usher and Cynthia Davis.

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