2012 May School Reform News

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May, 2012
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The May issue of School Reform News reports Louisiana lawmakers have approved bold education reforms, including the nation’s largest voucher program and tenure changes.

Also in this issue:

  • The very legislation that nearly provoked riots inside Wisconsin’s capital has saved many school districts from financial ruin or having to fire significant numbers of teachers.
  • New Jersey is one of several states considering how to reconfigure or end teacher tenure.
  • The Wisconsin Assembly passed a bill to offer special-needs students tailored instruction through school choice.
  • The nation’s high schools don’t offer the rigor necessary to prepare young people for college and a career, according to a new report.
  • A Brookings Institution report says the Common Core standards are not likely to boost student achievement.
  • West Virginia legislators are considering easing certification requirements to address a teacher shortage in math and science.
  • Having independent organizations evaluate students will help end social promotion and cheating, write David Anderson and Herbert Walberg.

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