2012 November School Reform News

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November, 2012
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The November issue of School Reform News reports Texas parents’ demand for school choice is overwhelming. Matthew Barnes, executive director of the Houston-based Families Empowered, says “It’s really a function of every parent wanting to have the best opportunity for their child.”

Also in this issue:

  • Starting next fall, Louisiana will contract with local individuals, businesses, and nonprofits to offer K-12 students academic courses, training, and apprenticeships beyond the classroom.
  • The nation’s second-largest voucher program doubles enrollment in its second year.
  • Denver backs off on requiring liberal activism for its teacher evaluation’s highest rating.
  • The federal government makes $33 million in grants aimed at reeducating students and adults into global warming alarmism.
  • New York vouchers raised African-American high school graduation and college enrollment, concludes a new study.
  • A review of the Hollywood movie illustrating Parent Trigger laws.
  • Research and experience show that breaking the government monopoly is essential in improving education, writes Herb Walberg.

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