2013 April Health Care News

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April, 2013
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The April issue of Health Care News reports Ohio Gov. John Kasich plans to expand Medicaid eligibility as called for under President Barack Obama’s health care law. Kasich faced pressure from liberal groups devoted to expanding the entitlement program as well as from health care providers backed into a corner by Obama’s law.

Also in this issue:

  • The health insurance industry is preparing for premiums to continue to rise as President Barack Obama’s health care law is implemented.
  • Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker has proposed an innovative method to shift Medicaid recipients to exchange subsidies in lieu of expanding the entitlement program.
  • The Obama administration has delayed another aspect of exchange implementation, telling employers they don’t have to inform their employees of the coming shift.
  • With most states requiring the federal government to implement exchanges, uneven marketplaces are almost inevitable.
  • Although Idaho Gov. Butch Otter originally opposed implementation of Obamacare, he’s since changed tunes, pushing for the state to proceed.
  • Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton’s exchange could offer only limited choices to recipients depending on the decisions of state regulators.
  • A North Carolina board that targeted a blogger for offering dietary advice without a license narrowly escaped elimination by the state legislature.

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