2013 August Budget & Tax News

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August, 2013
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The August issue of Budget & Tax News reports some observers find it ironic that U.S. companies like Apple are being taken to task for allegedly using “offshore tax havens” to avoid paying U.S. taxes on foreign income – ironic because much of the world considers the United States to be one of the world’s biggest tax havens.

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  • It’s been called the most corrupt court in Pennsylvania, and soon it may be no more. After some passionate dissent from Philadelphia-area Democrats, the state House voted 117–81 to pass Senate Bill 333, which begins the process of amending the Pennsylvania Constitution to end the Philadelphia Traffic Court’s existence. The drive to amend the state constitution came after a wave of scandals in the court.
  • A recent audit by the Chicago Inspector General’s Office concludes the city “could not substantiate a safety motive” for traffic enforcement cameras in the city. The IGO also uncovered some glaring inefficiencies in the program’s operations.
  • An Ohio lawmaker says a simple change to state law could save 20 percent on government building projects and give more companies the chance to compete for work with the state and local governments. State Rep. Ron Young (R-Leroy) is sponsoring a bill to do away with a state-level requirement for Project Labor Agreements, or PLAs, on all publicly funded construction projects.
  • Congress saw significant turnover between its 111th and 112th incarnations. The release of the National Taxpayers Union Foundation’s unique “BillTally” report shows what the political transition has meant to Washington’s fiscal agenda. The impact is undeniable: For the first time in more than a decade, there were more legislators on Capitol Hill who sought to shrink the budget than those who wanted major spending expansions.
  • If you’re a large business and you want to relocate near the beach, then, boy, does Florida Gov. Rick Scott have a deal for you. Florida recently gave Hertz Corp., best known as a rental car company, $85 million in incentives to move from New Jersey and build a $60 million headquarters.

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