2013 August Health Care News

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August, 2013
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The August issue of Health Care News reports Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer won her June showdown with legislators, who reluctantly voted to expand the state’s Medicaid program under President Barack Obama’s health care law. Brewer had called a special session and threatened to veto any legislation reaching her desk until the expansion was approved.

Also in this issue:

  • The State of Oklahoma’s legal case challenging Obamacare is working its way through the courts. Attorney General Scott Pruitt is challenging the IRS’s decision to expand the employer mandate under Obamacare to states that choose not to implement their own exchanges.
  • Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who shifted positions on Medicaid expansion following the 2012 election, has been dealt a significant blow by the state legislature, which rejected expansion.
  • A taxpayer-funded grant is being used in California to train teens to press their parents to enroll in the state’s Obamacare insurance exchanges.
  • With open enrollment approaching fast, HHS is formally delaying the small business health insurance exchange, which means only one plan will be available for purchase.
  • A new lawsuit is being brought against the IRS’s rulings on the employer mandate by small businesses in six states.
  • Legislation introduced in Congress would block implementation of Obamacare by the Internal Revenue Service in the wake of the IRS scandals.
  • California’s approach to exchange implementation is in the crosshairs after state estimates reveal the potential for premium rate shock.

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