2013 February School Reform News

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February, 2013
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The February issue of School Reform News reports Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal took the stage at a meeting of the center-left Brookings Institution to promote school choice and competition as a bipartisan, “consensus,” issue.

Also in this issue:

  • A new report from the National Council on Teacher Quality finds states just don’t have the $390 billion they’ve promised teachers in future pensions – meaning taxpayers will have to make up the difference while receiving no new services in return.
  • California voters have elected a Parent Trigger organizer to the Adelanto School Board.
  • Mississippi Gov. Bryant proposes comprehensive school choice.
  • Since Wisconsin passed labor reforms, teachers have left local unions in droves, now that they have a choice.
  • Indiana’s education board eliminates useless teacher credentials.
  • The best U.S. school districts continue to trail the nation’s international competitors.
  • Whatever satisfies state attendance laws should be considered public education, writes Doug Tuthill

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