2013 May School Reform News

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May, 2013
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The May issue of School Reform News reports the Douglas County, Colorado school district’s voucher program does not violate constitutional prohibitions against government establishing religion. Judge Jerry Jones wrote, “No student is compelled to participate in the [voucher program] or, having been accepted to participate, to attend any particular participating private school. To the extent students would attend religious services, they would do so as a result of parents’ voluntary choices.”

Also in this issue:

  • Some 11,000 Alabama students attending failing public schools can receive private funds to attend private school under a school choice measure recently signed by Gov. Robert Bentley.
  • Florida lawmakers reconsider Parent Trigger legislation.
  • Republicans and Democrats cosponsor a special-needs voucher bill in North Carolina: ‘I can’t wait. Every year we lose kids.’
  • Gov. John Kasich wants to multiply Ohio’s voucher programs.
  • Indiana’s supreme court unanimously spurns constitutional challenges to the nation’s largest voucher program.
  • Massachusetts shifts K-12 policies on transgender students.
  • This year, 10,000 bright young people bypassed teachers colleges with Teach for America--and their students learn more.

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