2013 November Health Care News

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November, 2013
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The November issue of Health Care News reports on the ultimately unsuccessful effort by Republicans to use the federal government shutdown as leverage to delay the problem-plagued launch of the Obamacare insurance exchanges. (One cannot help but wonder whether at least some administration officials wish Republicans had succeeded ...)

Also in this issue:

  • One of the biggest difficulties facing the implementation of Obamacare will be the practical business of collecting insurance premiums in the individual market under the health insurance exchanges.
  • Gov. Rick Snyder breaks with Republican allies to expand Medicaid in Michigan, causing fiscal problems for future governors.
  • Virginia’s Medicaid program is under heated debate in the context of the 2013 elections, which could determine the fate of Obamacare’s expansion in the state.
  • Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi raises concerns regarding the state’s Obamacare navigators and what security checks they will have to pass.
  • The expansion of urban center hospitals and other centrally located facilities could worsen doctor shortages in rural areas.
  • In New Mexico, which has struggled to meet the needs of its current population, Obamacare is already making doctor shortages worse.
  • Although states have considered expansions of Medicaid in return for federal waivers, history indicates those broader waivers could prove temporary.
  • Obamacare is driving an increase in part-time jobs and a decrease in hiring for many small businesses, according to recent research.

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