2013 September Health Care News

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September, 2013
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The September issue of Health Care News reports on the Obama administration’s decision to abandon the data verification system designed to check eligibility for its health insurance exchanges, at least for the first year. “The administration had three years to implement this law and instead they single-handedly rewrote central components of it in three days,” commented U.S. Reps. Fred Upton and Tim Murphy.

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  • Insurance affordability was the great promise and premise of Obamacare, but a report from the House Energy and Commerce Committee finds health insurance premiums for some Americans could rise by as much as 400 percent.
  • Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer’s Medicaid expansion may have been pushed through the legislature, but opponents haven’t given up yet--they plan to challenge it at the ballot box.
  • Virginia’s decision on Medicaid expansion was shifted to a commission, but the next occupant of the governor’s office is likely to determine the eventual outcome.
  • A lawsuit on behalf of Hobby Lobby, a large non-religious employer, has won an injunction to prevent implementation of another aspect of Obamacare.
  • Despite success, popularity, and coming in under budget, the popular Medicare Part D prescription drug benefit is under assault from activists who want to end its market-based model.
  • Even with a one-year reprieve from the Obamacare employer mandate, businesses are shifting worker hours and delaying hiring in order to avoid upcoming penalties.
  • While industry-funded consultants continue to make the case for Medicaid expansion in Oklahoma, legislators and policy experts question their claims.
  • The Obama administration’s unilateral delay of the employer mandate will affect legal cases and raises questions about implementation and the effect on the budget deficit.

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