2014 February School Reform News

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February, 2014
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The February issue of School Reform News reports on the Obama administration’s continued efforts to monitor the state of Louisiana’s voucher program to assess whether the program alters the skin-color ratios of students enrolled in public schools. Gov. Bobby Jindal said the feds could “regulate the program to death.”

Also in this issue:

  • School choice proponents hope a new Arkansas charter school will preface even more options for families once lawmakers reconvene in 2015.
  • A North Carolina sixth-grader opts out of state tests because she’s against Common Core.
  • Kansans revive an attempt to reconsider national curriculum standards.
  • Parent opposition has shrunk an education organization that stores and disseminates kids’ personal data.
  • New York and California schools roll out apps to help children run their sex lives without their parents’ knowledge or supervision.
  • A Missouri teacher starts a nonprofit organization to improve literacy among parents and children.
  • Literacy scholar Patrick Herrera explains why so many children struggle to read.

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