2014 January Environment & Climate News

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January, 2014
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The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear an important case involving a narrow aspect of the Environmental Protection Agency’s power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants and other stationary sources of pollution. At the same time, the January issue of Environment & Climate News reports, the Court declined to hear an appeal challenging the EPA endangerment finding that classifies carbon dioxide as a pollutant.

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  • EPA announced it is reducing the amount of ethanol that must be blended into gasoline, requiring 15.21 billion gallons in 2014, down from 16.55 billion gallons in 2013.
  • In a sharp rebuke to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, a federal court ruled a West Virginia poultry farm owner was not required to get a federal pollution permit for small amounts of feathers or other chicken residue that inadvertently washed into a nearby stream.
  • More than 400 Democrat public officials and party leaders signed a letter to the White House asking President Barack Obama to accelerate rather than stifle coal production and utilization.
  • The Ohio legislature is considering legislation to soften the state’s renewable power mandates, though special-interest lobbyists are fighting hard to preserve their market carve-outs.
  • Montana Attorney General Tim Fox and North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem warned Washington state officials an overzealous environmental review of a proposed coal export terminal in Washington could violate the rights of coal producers in Montana and other states.
  • Barely half of American Meteorological Society meteorologists believe global warming is occurring and humans are the primary cause, a newly released survey reveals. The survey results are the latest in a long line of evidence indicating the frequently asserted global warming consensus does not exist.

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