2014 January School Reform News

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January, 2014
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The January issue of School Reform News reports school choice advocates in Iowa aim to expand the state’s tax-credit scholarships and develop education savings accounts (ESAs). Legislators “really helped push some great educational liberty pieces” last year, according to political strategist Shane Vander Hart.

Also in this issue:

  • Charter and private school advocates met recently to discuss research and anecdotal evidence on whether charter schools reduce school choice by siphoning off private school students.
  • Missourians are collecting signatures in hopes of placing a school choice initiative on the November 2014 ballot.
  • Oklahoma decides to drop national Common Core tests, citing high costs.
  • An attempt to raise Colorado taxes by $1 billion annually for education programs was rejected by a two-thirds majority.
  • North Carolina home-school parents erupted in anger when the director of the state’s Department of Non-Public Education announced plans for random visits of home schools across the state to conduct reviews of student records.
  • Republican leadership routinely blocked bipartisan attempts to improve Texas schools.

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