2014 July Environment & Climate News

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July, 2014
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The July issue of Environment & Climate News reports New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s administration broke ranks with prominent Republicans and moderate Democrats by endorsing the Obama administration’s attack on affordable energy. A New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection spokesman said the department and Christie administration welcomed newly proposed federal EPA restrictions on coal power plants.

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  • The Obama administration clearly hoped to generate political momentum with release of its National Climate Assessment, but the document landed with a thud after being sharply criticized on a variety of fronts.
  • California Sen. Dianne Feinstein called out environmental activist groups who oppose making additional water resources available to California farmers and rural communities trying to cope with a severe drought. Feinstein said environmental activist groups have “never been helpful” in producing good water policy.
  • Renewable power mandates are driving up electricity prices in a manner that may be irreversible, a Los Angeles Times investigation found. Restrictions on coal-fired power plants are adding to the electricity sticker shock and threatening the reliability of the electricity supply, the Times reported.
  • Australia’s tax on carbon dioxide emissions faces likely repeal after a coalition led by the Liberal Party seats a Senate majority on July 1. The Liberals swept to victory in late 2013 federal elections after making opposition to the carbon tax their central political message. Under Australian law, the new senators must wait until July 1 to take their seats.
  • Oregon public land officials are considering selling the 93,000-acre Elliot State Forest. Management of the forest previously generated important funds for public schools, but environmental restrictions have strangled logging activities, resulting in the state losing money managing the forest.

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