2014 March School Reform News

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March, 2014
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The March issue of School Reform News reports on the challenges private schools, especially religiously affiliated schools, are confronting in the face of subsidized competition from the charter school movement. “No sector of education is perfect, but for the most part faith-based schools have been fairly strong,” says Peter Hanley, executive director of the American Center for School Choice. “Let’s not watch this sector ... die when most agree that one of the problems in American education is that we do not have enough good schools.”

Also in this issue:

  • With at least four school-choice bills likely on the table this session, Arizona families could see more options in education in the next school year.
  • A South Carolina district considers having a successful private school run a failing public school.
  • The Obama administration cancels national U.S. history and civics exams.
  • A union-led coalition sues to stop vouchers in North Carolina.
  • Charter schools revitalize a poor-performing Michigan school district
  • Charter schools nationwide grapple with Common Core.
  • Milwaukee’s vouchers are poorly designed, says analyst John Merrifield.

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