2014 May Environment & Climate News

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May, 2014
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The May issue of Environment & Climate News reports on the findings of a new, federal-government-funded study showing cellulosic ethanol made from corn residue emits more carbon dioxide than ethanol. “The findings are a severe blow to the biofuel industry,” writes Heartland Senior Fellow James M. Taylor, “as fuels must reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 60 percent relative to conventional gasoline to qualify as a renewable fuel for federal subsidy programs.”

Also in this issue:

  • The Kansas Senate voted to repeal the state’s renewable power mandates. The Kansas House voted against repeal, but there is strong support there for repeal if the “proper bill comes along under the right political circumstances.”
  • President Barack Obama announced he is indefinitely punting a decision on the proposed Keystone XL pipeline, rebuffing 11 Democratic Senators who sent him a letter urging him to make a decision.
  • The Connecticut House of Representatives soundly defeated a bill that would have banned genetically modified grass in the state. The Connecticut Senate had approved the bill, but the House defeated it by a vote of 103–37.
  • Environmental mitigation necessary for a planned solar power project may have motivated the federal Bureau of Land Management’s decision to launch a military-style armed enforcement action against a Nevada cattle rancher, government documents reveal.
  • Louisiana and Florida wildlife officials are battling the federal government over one of the most popular fish on seafood restaurants’ menus. The Gulf Coast states say federal regulators are placing unnecessarily onerous restrictions on red snapper fishing.
  • Environmental activists are attempting to block construction of a space launch facility in Florida, claiming the proposed site should be preserved for scrub jays and other species.

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