April 2003 Health Care News

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March, 2003
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The April 2003 issue of Health Care News features centerspread coverage of the health care reform positions--or, in some cases, non-positions--staked out by six Democrats testing the waters for a 2004 Presidential bid. Managing Editor Conrad F. Meier taps campaign Web sites and news reports to convey the positions of candidates Carol Mosely Braun, Howard Dean, John Edwards, Richard Gephardt, John Kerry, and Joseph Lieberman.

The issue also features a special report on Medicare. Maury Breecher explains why doctors are leaving their Medicare practices; Meier describes a recent CMS study finding Medicare patients are getting better care than they did a few years ago; Tom Miller of the Cato Institute assesses what President George W. Bush didn’t say in his State of the Union address about Medicare reform; and Dr. Sydney Smith reports on a national health insurance bill, crafted by Physicians for a National Health Program, coming to Congress soon with Michigan Democrat John Conyers as the sponsor.

Also in this issue:

  • health professionals reject the federal government’s smallpox vaccination program;
  • Missouri considers a single-payer plan for government workers;
  • Georgia Republican Charlie Norwood seeks to revive the patients’ rights debate;
  • New York teens re-file their complaint against McDonald’s, this time claiming the chain’s products are non-nutritious because they contain preservatives and other “chemicals”;
  • the U.S. offers billions to address Africa’s AIDS crisis, but it won’t make a difference if African politicians won’t make critical investments in health infrastructure and training;

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