April 2004 Health Care News

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April, 2004
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The April issue of Health Care News features several articles on health savings accounts (HSAs), the most promising element of the Medicare reform measure signed by President George W. Bush in December.

Reporter Steve Stanek notes Congressman Phil Crane (R-Illinois) will introduce legislation to make HSA insurance premiums 100 percent tax deductible; Greg Scandlen defends the new accounts against a well-orchestrated lobbying effort by the National Association of Retired Federal Employees; and Jane Orient describes how HSAs promise to end once and for all the liberals’ dream of socialized medicine in the U.S.

This issue also covers the dire need for medical malpractice reform in Illinois--and State Senator Kirk Dillard’s omnibus tort reform bill; Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen’s “last chance” plan to reform TennCare, the state’s troubled Medicaid program; hospital pricing practices; long-term care; and more. New York’s disastrous experience with community rating and guaranteed issue mandates is featured as the third installment in the Health Care News series exposing “how eight states ruined their health insurance markets.”

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