April 2005 Environment & Climate News

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April, 2005
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The April 2005 issue of Environment & Climate News features extensive coverage of the science and politics of climate change, including hurricane expert Chris Landsea's dramatic resignation from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.

Page 1 also reports on the repudiation by World Wildlife Fund and Greenpeace spokespersons of the groups' previous anti-DDT stance; an effort by New Jersey to tightly restrict mercury emissions, despite scientific evidence showing mercury levels are not dangerous; and new emission rules adopted by the Environmental Protection Agency and the nation's pork producers.

Heartland Science Director Jay Lehr reviews State of the World 2005, by the Worldwatch Institute, warning, "You will not want to buy State of the World 2005 unless you are worried that you have an overly optimistic personality and believe you need a bit of gloom and doom to bring you down."

Also in this issue: watershed issues in Missouri; Pew Trusts' fear-mongering on salmon; the safety of nuclear power; the Bush administration's Methane to Markets initiative; hybrid and hydrogen vehicles; progress by U.S. automakers toward near-zero emissions; natural gas recovery strangled by environmental red tape; smoking ban debated in Lakewood, Ohio; and environmental activists' scare campaign over lead solder in computers.

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